Welcome to Marloo’s Paper Faces

Paper Faces

You found my original blog site. I have since moved here, but I still have a WordPress membership, and WordPress’ follow button still directs people here. I’ll put pictures here, but my storage space is limited, so eventually not every picture will fit here. My storage space at my other website is unlimited, so I’ll never have to remove pictures there. ♥

my new site:

The purpose of my blog is to take pictures featuring masks, makeup, helmets, and any other ways to adorn the face in unusual ways, and also to document special events in Second Life, like its annual birthday celebrations.

I’m really glad you came here and that people have decided to follow my blog.


About Marloo

Marloo Redd is a red kangaroo who began life in a text based MUCK called Tapestries, and eventually explored other places, too, including Second Life. Marloo’s purpose is to explore androgyny, gender fluidity, the unusual and strange, and most importantly, to help people be happy.

Marloo can be found in Second Life, Tapestries, Alfandria, and FurryMUCK.

This blog will focus primarily on masks, other unusual facial adornments, and special events in Second Life.

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